Jonathan Steven Green

Jahanara Saleh

This producing duo, JONATHAN STEVEN GREEN & JAHANARA SALEH are known for their work on ‘Imagine’ a 20 time award winning film as well as Other Monsters, the Olympic Channel’s Far from Home series and  National Geographic's highest rated TV special ‘United Sharks of America’. They have multiple projects in development and are thrilled to be working with a great like-minded director. 

Jayme Roy
Director of Photography

Chiara Roy
Sound Recordist

Director of Photography JAYME ROY and Audio Mixer CHIARA ROY have worked together in the industry for over 20 years. They are known for their work on Michael Moore’s Oscar Nominated film ‘Sicko’. Some of their other titles include ‘Where to Invade Next’ and ‘Capitalism’. They recently completed Caroline Cory’s film E.T. CONTACT which won over 9 awards in the film festival circuit.

Troy Bogert

Prime time Emmy Nominated editor TROY BOGERT has edited some of the Discover Chanel’s most popular TV shows including Ancient Aliens, Ice Road Truckers, Ax Men along with several feature films. Troy also edited Caroline Cory’s ET CONTACT and is excited to be working on her next film - Superhuman. 

Brandon Liberati & Anton Khatchaturian
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Brandon and Anton have been working with celebrities for the past decade in television, film, red carpets and various super glam events. They know how to make us look good!